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My name is Andrew Boal, and I am an artist who had the oppertunity to live and work in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu. While there, I developed a style I like to call "Aloha Paintings"- artistic work which I have created by employing used Aloha Shirts in the place of traditional canvass for my paintings. Aloha Paintings are a blend of traditional Hawaiiana and edgy modern surrealism painting used together to create unique works of Art. I hope you enjoy!

A bit about how I started doing “Aloha Paintings”

During the summer of 2005, I started selling my paintings at the Waikiki Zoo Fence weekly art show. While I was there, I kind of realized that I needed to come up something different to be able to stand out in a market saturated with paintings and photographs of big wave surfing, flowers, rainbows, and sunsets. Now, to be honest, I don’t really have much of a business sense and don’t really see my art as a “product” as such, but sometimes it can be fun to try something new and see what comes out of it. To start with, my style is pretty different from almost anything else and is a blend of surrealism, abstract, and pop art styles (Click here to see more about my other artistic exploits.). So, this was a good starting point, but I wanted to add a definitive Hawaiiana element to my work, and eventually came up with the idea of using Aloha Shirts in place of canvas. The general concept is to get a hold of some used Aloha Shirts, which are available in almost unlimited quantities at the various thrift stores around the island, and then cut them up and stretch them over a frame. Then, using the color scheme of the Aloha Shirt as a starting point, I paint a landscape over a portion of the surface so that the original Aloha Shirt pattern and the new painting blend together to create a new work of art. The combinations between Aloha Shirt and painting colors and subject matter are nearly limitless, and each combination yields a unique piece of work. I only use Aloha Shirts bought second hand, and so the print is a little faded from days worn in the warm tropical sun, but I believe that this infuses each painting with an afterglow left over from Island life. Below, you will find several examples of my Aloha Paintings, just click on the year to see paintings from that era, and if you are going to be on Oahu in the near future, you can see them in real life at Hula Girl. To read a bit about the history of Aloha Shirts, check out this webpage from Maui Shirts. If you are interested, please click here to read more about my other artistic exploits and feel free to send me an email.

2005 Aloha Paintings

2006 Aloha Paintings

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